Splashyfin Swimming School


  1. Swimming fees are payable strictly in advance
  2. No swimmer will be permitted to swim with outstanding fees by the 7th​ of the month
  3. Fees are paid in full for the months of January, February, March, April, May September, October, November and December
  4. All accounts unpaid will attract a late payment penalty by the 7​th
  5. All outstanding accounts will be handed over at your expense

2. General

  1. This contract may be cancelled with 1 full month’s notice
  2. Lessons and fees are not transferrable
  3. As the pool in Safari is not covered, classes will be forfeited for the following unforeseen reasons, but not limited to rain, extreme weather conditions, sickness of teacher
  4. Missed classes cannot be made up for
  5. All swimmers to bring proper swimwear i.e. swimsuit, cap, goggles, warm clothing and a towel
  6. No swimmer will be allowed to swim without full swimming gear
  7. Please mark all clothing clearly before sending your child to school. Splashyfin will not be liable for loss of swimming gear
  8. Parents are requested to support their children but not interfere with teaching
  9. No parents are allowed on pool deck unless requested by instructor
  10. Parents are welcome to contact swim instructors after the session or after hours for any queries and complaints
  11. Splahyfin reserves the right of admission and may decline an application without stating reasons there of
  12. There are 3-5 pupils in a class. Duration of lesson is 30 minutes. Personal attention will be given to each and every pupil

In as much as all possible care and precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of all swimming students, Splashyfin Swimschool and the employees will not be held liable for any accidents beyond their control in and around their premises